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The Road Department Supervisor also serves as the Cemetery Sexton. 

Please direct any cemetery questions to Kevin Biltz at the township garage at (330) 325-7783 

1. Grave Sites – Charges for each grave site will be $200.00 for residents and $600.00 for non-residents. A maximum of five (5) lots may be purchased. Transfer of grave site ownership is restricted by Edinburg Township. Arrangements for indigent persons will be handled by Wood Kortright Borkoski Funeral Home as per agreement. 

2. Opening and Closing – Charges will be $300.00 for residents, $600.00 for non-residents. An additional $450.00 fee will be charged for services on Saturday, Sunday or Holiday. Charges for an infant or urn will be $100.00 for residents and $300.00 for non-residents; an additional $200.00 fee will  be charged for services on Saturday, Sunday or Holiday. 

3. Foundations – Charges will be $150.00 per face foot for foundations for gravestones. Foundations for military markers or gravestones will be free. 

4. Mausoleums – Charges for a 20’ by 20’ square lot will be $8.00 per square foot for residents and $20.00 per square foot for non-residents. All other sites will be
priced accordingly, contingent on plans of mausoleum. The site fee must be paid prior to footer being formed. The cost of the footer will include the actual cost of materials and labor. Footer charges are due before the mausoleum will be erected. Fee for overseeing internment of the casket will be $300.00 with an additional charge of $400.00 for Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays. 

5. Burial for Military residents – A grave site, opening and closing cost and foundation footer will be provided at no cost to any resident who is ‘Military Personnel killed in active combat duty’.