Fire Department Hiring

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Fire Fighters and EMts

Adult Membership Criteria

      We are looking for residents interested in providing a challenging and personally rewarding service to their community. The department may be able to provide the initial training and skills needed, but it also takes a personal responsibility to become the best firefighter and or emergency medical technician that you can be. You must continually hone your skills and knowledge. You must be at least 18 years of age and maintain a valid Ohio driver's license. A new member is placed on a 1 year probationary period. State required training is obtained for fire and ems during this period along with intradepartmental training. Members must attend 1 fire training and 1 ems training a month (trainings are held on Monday evenings). Initial training is paid by the fire department with a commitment of 1-3 years of service after completion of training. If your looking to start your career path in the fire service or just looking to help out your community in your spare time ? We would like to speak to you and help ! 

Stop by the station located at 6727 Tallmadge Rd.,

call the station at (330) 325 -1224, or

Email  your application to Chief Jesse Baughman at   Jesse.Baughman@edinburgtownship.com