Things to remember when applying for a zoning permit in Edinburg Township:   

 •    You will need your tax plate (map) which can be obtained from the County Administration Building.       

•    You will need a site plan showing where any existing buildings are located and measurements from all other structures as well as lot lines. Show
where the proposed structure will be located and the measurements from the property line.        

•    A complete set of building plans. The zoning office does need to keep these copies on file.        

•    A check made out to Edinburg Township for the amount of the permit.     

 •    A builder cannot pick up a zoning permit without the permission of the property owner. The property owner must come in with the builder or have
the proper paper filled out and signed to send with the builder or person obtaining the permit.       

•    A copy of septic approval from the County health Department.         

•    A copy of address showing parcel number from the County Tax Office.

​If you have not purchased your building lot, call the zoning office to make sure you will have the required frontage and acreage that you will need to build your home.The complete Zoning Resolution Book can be found here for download.  The book is in Acrobat Reader format.  Acrobat reader is needed to view the book. Make a list of questions and call. We will be happy to help you.
The Edinburg Township Zoning Office hours are by pre-arranged appointment by calling
​Rhonda Lipply at 330-325-3440.