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The Edinburg Township of Portage County is seeking members for the new Edinburg Parks and Recreation committee


  Any Edinburg resident interested in serving on the Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee should submit a written request or letter of interest to the Township Fiscal officer. A five Member board will be Appointed by the Trustees after review of applicants. Board members may serve up to 4 years and then need to reapply. Initially, 3 members will be offered a 4 year term and 2 members a 3 year term. Any openings on the board will be replaced after another application process. Once established, the board may establish and open participation of other community residents, committee membership, and to participate in any committees the Board may wish to establish, with the Township Trustee approval.

Below is a rough draft to offer guidance in the formation of this new committee:

Edinburg Parks and Recreation Committee Proposal


The Parks & Recreation Advisory Board will consist of a five member trustee appointed board and supportive volunteer community members from resident volunteers. It is established by the Township Trustees to assist the Administration in developing, providing, promoting, and evaluating Parks and Recreation programs and to act as a liaison between the community, the township employees, and Administration. Due to financial and public activity needs, the fiscal officer and a trustee will also be assigned to the committee as liaisons. The Board exists for the benefit of the residents of Edinburg Township and at the will of the Township Trustees.

Mission Statement

Whereas Recreation provides significant physical and mental health benefits, the mission of the Edinburg Parks and Recreation Advisory Board is to enhance the quality of life for all Edinburg residents by providing the best possible recommendations concerning recreational policies, facilities, finances and programs. The Edinburg Parks and Recreation Advisory board directly supports the Township Administration with recommendations so they can make the best possible decisions in this respect. The Edinburg Parks and Recreation Advisory Board promotes the appreciation, participation and support of Edinburg's Parks and Recreation programs and facilities.



The Advisory Board will establish meetings to be held at least one time a Quarter of each year. Meetings will be held at the town Hall and be open to the public.

The Edinburg Township Trustees and all Township employees strive to provide the best services possible to our residents, while being financially responsible at the same time. Trustee meetings are held at the Town hall, 7:30pm, every 2nd and Last Thursday of the month.