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The Fiscal Officer would like to remind everyone, that the recycling containers are only for recyclables. Dumping of non-recyclable materials is considered littering and can be cause to impose a fine.

Dumping material also costs all the township citizens money as they must pay for the trash transfer and trash removal, The recycling company does not take these materials.

We have and will be recording License plates in an effort to control your costs.The camera operating at the center could record license plates for prosecution. Also, Employees and any residents can report the vehicle plates of dumpers to the fiscal officer at Edinburgfobill@gmail.com, especially if you see dumping of materials by business vehicles such as carpet companies, construction, cleaning and other such businesses.

The 1st October Township Trustee meeting has changed. It will be held

October 20th at 7:30 pm in the townhall

The Edinburg Township Trustees and all Township employees strive to provide the best services possible to our residents, while being financially responsible at the same time. Trustee meetings are held at the Town hall, 7:30pm, every 2nd and Last Thursday of the month.